Music Theory
Music Theory


3 Months Course
36 Sessions
2 hours in each session Class Duration
  1. Essential Skills
  2. Understanding Music Theory And Implimentation Process On Logic Pro X
  3. Introduction Of Music Theory & History
  4. All The Scales & Types Of Scales & Relative Major Minor Scales
  5. All The Chords & Harmonies With  The Inversions
  6. Family Of Chords With The Musical Modes
  7. Introduction & Details Of Staff Notes (Treble & Bass Clef)
  8. Sight Reading (Staff Notation )        
  9. Time Signature & Its Characteristics (Common & Waltz Time,Triplets,Shuffle Etc)
  10. Sequence (Tonal,Real, Melodic,Harmonic)
  11. Syncopation
  12. Tonicization
  13. Modulation / Keys Relationships / Common Chord Modulation /Change Of Mode Etc.
  14. Ear Training(Hearing & Understanding The Composition Of The Song On The Keyboard)
  15. Compass Of Instruments
  16. Structuring The Arrangement(What Goes Where And Why)
  17. Harmonising With Chords,Progressions, And Substitutions(Working With The Harmonic Background 0f An Arrangment)
  18. Utilizing Voicing And Voicing Leading(Choosing The Order Of Notes Within A Chord-And From Chord To Chord)
  19. Working With Melodies And Counter Melodies(Extending  And Enhancing A Pieces Melody)
  20. Deciding On The Right Instrumentation(Choosing Which Instrument Play Which Note)
  1. String Instruments(Writing For Both Bowed Nd Plucked Strings)
  2. Brass  Instruments(Writing For Concert,Marching, And Drum Crops Brass)
  3. Woodwind Instruments(Writing For Single Reed,Double Reed, And Flute-Like Instrument)
  4. Keyboard And Electronic Instruments(Writing For The Piano,Organ,Synthesizer  And Similar Instruments)
  5. Percussion Instrument(Writing For Drums And Mallets)
  6. Voices(Writing For Sopranos,Alto, Tenor, Basses And Other Voices)

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Music Course