One of the Best Music Production & Sound Engineering School in Mumbai

“The best learning occurs when efforts become fun”.
Academics have invariably been seen as a dreaded endeavour by most students due to the orthodox nature of pedagogy prevalent in our country. We strive to change that system and make learning more intuitive, effortless, and accessible to all.
Our country is a colourful one with a surplus of cultures, languages and dreams, and at SBM, we embrace this diverse spread and address individual attributes. Our mentors, our staff and our students co-create an environment which facilitates growth in every dimension, a notion we believe is imperative in the creative industry where uniqueness is highly valued. 
Our community comprises of individuals dedicated to this philosophy of education.
To simplify, we seek to harness your untapped potential as a creator!

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1,Ground Floor, Krishna Kutir, 28 Union Park.
Bandra(W), Mumbai 400050. India